Video: Nigel Hayes Forgets What a Microphone is, Calls a Woman Beautiful in Press Conference


Nigel Hayes is simply the best.

We have another tale to add to the continuing saga being created by one of the biggest personalities in all of college basketball.

Earlier in the 2015 NCAA Tournament, the Wisconsin Badgers and Hayes had a little bit of fun with a press conference stenographer, tossing out hard-to-spell words like cattywampus, onomatopoeia and antidisestablishmentarianism to test her abilities on a stenotype machine.

This time around, he apparently forgot what a microphone is and, attempting to whisper to his teammate Frank Kaminsky, who was sitting next to him but not out of the microphone’s range, announced to the media present that he thought one of the women in attendance was beautiful.

Upon laughter from the crowd, Hayes can do nothing but bury his face in his hands as his teammates Kaminsky and Sam Dekker laugh.

Laughing is something this team does a lot.

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Hayes is no stranger to a microphone, and in fact spent most of last year’s tournament run with a microphone stuck in his teammates’ faces as he assumed his alter-ego, “Nigel Burgundy.”

The goofy character Hayes is is just one of many reasons this Wisconsin Badgers team is so much fun to watch – on the court and off. And as goofy as they can act of the court, Hayes and the rest of the Badgers are all business once they’re on the court.

Bo Ryan makes sure of that.

But off of the court, this group keeps entertaining, and we say, keep it coming.

Just keep doing you, Nigel.

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