Wisconsin Badgers Football Attendance: Breaking Down 2014 Numbers


On Saturday afternoon, over 43,000 people packed Camp Randall Stadium for Wisconsin’s graduation ceremony. Which is about four times the amount of people who show up to watch the Badgers annual spring game. It is, however, a far reach from what the Badgers drew for football attendance in the 2014 season.

Wisconsin Badgers
Wisconsin Badgers /

Wisconsin Badgers

Obviously the Ohio State’s, LSU’s, Penn State’s and Alabama’s of the world will always be at or near the top of attendence due to the very high-capacity of their respective stadiums. Those all have capacities above 100,000, almost 20,000 more than what can get packed into Camp Randall Stadium on any given Saturday. With that being said, Wisconsin still had some very respectable football attendance numbers for last season.

In seven games that were played in Madison at Camp Randall Stadium, 556,642 fans came through the turnstiles giving Wisconsin an average of 79,520 for the 2014 season. That average is good enough for 18th best in the nation for all FBS teams last year.

The Big Ten average last season for the 14 team league was 66,869, second-best conference in FBS for 2014. Wisconsin is well above that average and ranks fifth amongst all Big Ten teams in football attendance from a year ago.

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By comparison, Wisconsin’s attendance was up slightly last year compared to the 2013 season. That year the Badgers ranked 17th in the country with an average attendance 78,911 fans.

The top five teams in order for football attendance in the 2014 season are: Ohio State (106,292), Texas A&M (105,123), Michigan (104,909), LSU (101,723) and Penn State (101,623).

It will be interesting to see what the numbers are after this season. With really no games that jump out at you and only one primetime home game (vs. Hawaii) slated for the season, hitting Camp Randall Stadium’s capacity of 80,321 could be a struggle in the 2015 season.

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