Wisconsin Badgers Linebacker Joe Schobert Throws Down Nasty Dunk


Wisconsin Badgers linebacker Joe Schobert showed Wednesday morning that he doesn’t just have major skills on the football field, he can hoop a bit, too.

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The Wisconsin football team hit the gym for some hoops and Schobert threw down a nasty between-the-legs dunk. Fellow Badgers wide receiver Jazz Peavy tweeted out the evidence.

Schobert is a 6-2, 240-pound honorable mention All-Big Ten linebacker, and the dunk just showed how versatile an athlete he is. Wisconsin Badgers basketball forward Nigel Hayes, who apparently was around for the action, initially wasn’t too impressed with the feat.

He changed his tune later, saying the football guys might have the athleticism to make some splashes on the court, but the basketball guys have the better all-around game. Something tells me that comes from a few years under the tutelage of Bo Ryan…

Finally, Hayes hinted at something I’m sure we’d all love to see:

Name the time and place, and trust me Nigel, people would pay to see that.

UPDATE: T.J. Reynard later tweeted out another nasty dunk from Schobert:

Clearly, this kid has some serious talent. Maybe Bo needs an extra bench player this season?

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