Wisconsin Football: T.J. Watt Changing Positions


T.J. Watt, a redshirt sophomore on the Wisconsin football team, has switched positions from tight end to linebacker after an injury-filled career to date.

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Watt, the younger brother of former Badgers and current Houston Texans star J.J. Watt and current Badgers senior fullback Derek Watt, is joining his oldest brother in a position change.

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J.J. Watt famously started his college career as a tight end in Central Michigan before transferring to Wisconsin and switching to defensive end. T.J. Watt is also making a change from tight end, but to outside linebacker.

Watt has struggled with injuries so far in his Badgers career, and after a redshirt 2013 season, sat out with an injury in 2014.

On Sunday it was revealed that Watt would be moving to outside linebacker. ESPN Wisconsin reported that Wisconsin football head coach Paul Chryst thinks Watt has potential, the team just needs to find out where he fits.

"“I don’t know totally who he is, but I think he’s a football player and just in trying to give him the best spot. And I don’t know if it’s a final move yet for him, but it’s a game of chance while he’s recovering to get a feel for that position, and I think he’s a guy that can add value to our team and maybe the defensive side of the ball might be the best way for it.”"

Outside linebacker seems to be a good fit for Watt, who at 6-5, 244 pounds would be a monster in the defensive front seven. Add to that fact that the Badgers will be looking to replace senior Joe Schobert next season, and it makes sense to get a good athlete in place now to learn this season.

Most of all for Watt, the Badgers just hope he can stay healthy enough this season that he gets a chance to prove himself and contribute to the Watt legacy at UW.

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