Corey Clement Plans to Play Against Miami (OH)


To say Corey Clement‘s debut as the Badgers featured running back was a disappointment would be an understatement. It’s hard to say what the reasoning for the poor performance was, but surely a young offensive line and a stout Alabama defensive front seven are the likeliest reasons. The junior running back also suffered a second half injury, but he appears to be ready to go for the Badgers upcoming game against Miami (OH) this Saturday.

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Clement had just seven carries for 15 yards in the opening half of the Alabama game, and it didn’t appear to be because of a lack of talent. Alabama’s front seven overpowered the Wisconsin offensive line, and Cement had no room to run. The Tide’s pursuit didn’t allow Badgers backs, Clement or otherwise, to bounce runs to the outside, either.

Clement added just one more carry for another yard in the second half before he was shut down with a left groin injury. He totaled just 16 rushing yards on eight carries, adding a catch for two yards in the game. Again, not exactly the start Badgers fans were hoping for out of the heir-apparent to Melvin Gordon.

Those sleeping on Clement, however, should wise up. The Badgers just faced one of the best defensive lines in the country with three brand-spanking new starters on the offensive line. We found out after the game he was playing through an injury suffered earlier in the week, so who knows what he would have looked like fully healthy (although against that defense it probably didn’t matter…)

Still, Clement’s injury is tough at this point in the season, when a new starting back and a young offensive line need to get in sync with one another. That happens best against the weaker teams on the schedule, like the Badgers will face the next three weeks.

It looks like Clement plans to play this weekend against Miami (OH), and apparently the choice is his whether he plays or sits.

As Temple suggests, it seems like a risk to play Clement in a game that is definitely winnable with him on the sidelines. But Clement’s right as well — not playing because you’re scared of an injury isn’t the way to go.

If the decision, as Temple suggests, is truly up to Clement whether he plays or not, that means the team doctors have cleared him to play, and he should indeed play. If he wasn’t healthy enough to play, he would never be given the option to decide for himself.

Clement looks like he’ll suit up Saturday, and hopefully the Badgers can work on getting their running game on track against the Redhawks.

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