Wisconsin Football: Five Reasons the Badgers Have the Best Defense in the Country

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Wisconsin Badgers defensive end Chikwe Obasih urges on the crowd against Iowa. Jim Oxley photo

Red Zone Stoppers

Once again, Wisconsin’s defense continues to bear down when teams find themselves inside the Badgers’ 20-yard line. Wisconsin is tied for the least touchdowns allowed in the red zone with five, and the Badgers are also tied for first with 10 total red-zone scores allowed.

These numbers are nothing new, as Wisconsin has had one of the best red-zone defenses in college football for the past three years. Aranda has been the Badgers’ defensive coordinator for three years. See the pattern here?

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Wisconsin was ranked No. 1 in 2013 in red zone touchdowns and No. 8 in total scores. The Badgers finished No. 14 in and No. 12 in those categories last season.

One reason for the low scoring against the Badgers in the red zone is because the defense is so good that opponents do not get to the red zone very often. Teams have been inside the Badgers’ 20 the second fewest times with 15 trips this season. However, Wisconsin’s touchdown percentage debunks this reasoning. In 2015, the Badgers’ defense has a 33.33 touchdown percentage in the red zone, which is third in the country, and a 66.67 scoring percentage, which ranks fourth.

Oftentimes, it is a turnover that gives opponents a short field, and Wisconsin’s defense has been able to prevent teams from scoring touchdowns in the red zone. The Badgers’ defense is good no matter where it is on the field, but it does an even better job when teams get in close.

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