Wisconsin Football: Could Michigan be the Badgers Next Big Rival?

Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports /

Could a One Sided Past become a Rivaled Future?

The all-time series between Wisconsin Football and the Michigan Wolverines has been fairly one sided. Dating back to 1892 spanning to Saturday the two schools have met a 64 times with Michigan winning 49 of them, the Badgers 14, and one tie in 1893. The Wolverines dominated the 80’s back when they were a powerhouse Title Contender year in and year out, but the Badgers have won the last two meetings, the latest being back in 2010.

That’s right, the two schools have not played for six seasons! So what does the history mean for the game Saturday? Pretty much nothing. The programs are both much different than they once were. Michigan is back in the National Title landscape after a tough stretch in recent years, and the Badgers are trying to take the next step and become the elite program that they have been just short of being in the past.

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The opportunity for both schools is to make some new history going forward. Michigan and Wisconsin Football are by no means a rival, they haven’t played in six seasons. They’re like high school guys who haven’t seen each other since graduation. But that will all change come Saturday for years to come. Michigan and Wisconsin will play every year for the next five seasons including Saturday’s game.

Its a chance to make a new rival, one that you circle on the calendar every season. Wisconsin Football hasn’t really had that big game feeling in a long time. I know Minnesota is a rival, but its hard to feel anything for a rivalry game when its been so one sided lately. For Michigan, the focus will always be on the Ohio State and Michigan State game, but this match up could soon take off when you start battling for titles every year. The dislike could grow quickly.

Personally, I love the dynamic. A Harbaugh-Chryst match up has something intriguing about it. One with the flare and tirades, one with the calm and quietness. It’s an opportunity for both schools to take a jump to being an elite programs once again. Each team with a proud tradition and passionate fans, it has the chance for each team to play in two of the top venues in college football. Which is what you want for each’s own going forward. It may not seem like a rivalry now, but could soon turn over the next few years, especially with Championship implications on the line.

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