Grading the Eventful Badger Basketball Offseason

After a flurry of changes, what grade does the Badger offseason deserve?
John Fisher/GettyImages

Badger basketball has had an eventful offseason since a disappointing and abrupt end to their season in the first round of the NCAA tournament. The Badgers have made plenty of moves, so let's see what grades they deserve in each area.

Coaching Staff. asdsds. B. .

Other than the departure of assistant coach Dean Oliver, the coaching staff has largely remained the same. Greg Gard received his annual extension and although his seat was slightly warm, he was never in real danger of losing his job this season. Assistant Head Coach Joe Krabbenhoft had some head coaching offer rumors swirling, but he will return as well. Kirk Penney retains his role as Special Assistant. Sharif Chambliss was a key factor in this year's recruiting and remains a valuable asset. Overall, Gard and the surrounding members of the staff are still a solid group despite some fans' recruiting concerns. Grade: B

D. . . Transfers Out. asdfasdfasd

With seven players entering the transfer portal, including stars AJ Storr and Chucky Hepburn, the Badgers really struggled to retain talent this offseason. Truly the only reason they don't receive an F grade here is they managed to keep a few core players in John Blackwell and Max Klesmit. It's hard to put blame on either the Badgers or the players themselves for leaving. With the current NIL landscape, there's no downside for players to try and find more money elsewhere. It's still a bitter pill to swallow to see so much production leave, however. Grade: D

asdfsdfas. B. . . Transfers In

The portal is closed but the Badgers may not be done. The have already brought in three new transfers and could potentially still add a fourth. With the additions of Camren Hunter, Xavier Amos and John Tonje, Gard has added some good players. They're primarily from mid-majors, so there could be some concern as to how they'll adapt to the Big Ten level of competition, but overall the trio gives a lot of be excited about. The Badgers did a nice job of finding good value in the portal. Grade: B