Ranking Big Ten Opening Week Games-ELITE Tier

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The time has come. We have reached the pinnacle of ranking the Big Ten opening week games to start the 2015 season. The last tier, the LEGENDS tier, should have gotten you primed and ready for the best of the best involing Big Ten teams-the ELITE tier.

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There have been nine games ranked up to this point, but none of which are going to be as good as these final five. These top five games include the top of the Big Ten conference and top teams in all of college football.

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The programs involved in the ELITE tier have won are have been very close from winning a Big Ten championship in recent years. And their opponents are teams that are nationally known and are either conference champions themselves or are at the cusp of making the College Football Playoff. It also includes a few national champions from the start of the new milennium.

This tier also includes rematches from the last year or two and includes matchups between the ACC, SEC, Big 12 and Pac 12 conferences as well as a prominent up-and-coming independent team. Anytime you can involve some great games between the upper end of the power five conferences, you’re going to see a high level of competition.

So this is it. The final five games that Big Ten teams are involved in to kickoff the collegiate football season. This is the ELITE tier of opening weekend of the 2015 season.

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