Wisconsin Football: Disrespected in CFP Poll Again

Week two into the College Football Playoff poll again leaves a lot to be desired for Wisconsin Football fans.  Early polls don’t mean a lot so r-e-l-a-x Badger supporters.

The next round of the College Football Playoff (CFP) poll yet again seeds Wisconsin football pretty low for an undefeated power 5 conference team.  The Badgers moved up just one place to #8 in the poll.

Wisconsin football sits one place behind undefeated Miami.  Last week the Badgers were ahead of the Hurricanes.

So what changed this week? Not much beyond Penn State and The Ohio State tumbling seven places down the ranks.

It sure looks like we’ll have to wait for the SEC title game to separate Alabama and Georgia.  And even then a close game could see both schools getting a top four place.

Meanwhile, #3 Notre Dame and #7 Miami play this weekend.   The loser would have a hard claim to a CFP spot and need some considerable help to get a spot.

Finally, #5 Oklahoma and #6 TCU square off on Saturday as well.  That looks like sort of an elimination game for the loser there.

Elsewhere, #4 Clemson has a comfortable final three games (Florida State, Citadel, South Carolina) so the holders have to be feeling good about its chances to get back in.

Okay, so now what does it mean for Wisconsin?

Ultimately, this doesn’t raise my blood pressure.  Yes I think an undefeated Wisconsin is better than a one-loss TCU and even Miami.  But the Badgers have the opportunity to log some resume polishing wins against Iowa and Michigan the next two weeks.

In the end, it is not plausible to me that an undefeated Wisconsin team misses out on the CFP.  What Badger fans need to root for is everyone on the schedule to keep winning.  In addition, a second loss for the contending one-loss Clemson, Washington, Notre Dame would help the cause.  That way, Wisconsin has an argument should it win the Big Ten but drop one of its final three regular season games.

Yes, I think Wisconsin football should be ranked higher.  But given the high profile match ups this week, next week’s CFP poll should have some considerable change.